It is common knowledge that the legal sector moves towards the adaptation of technology slower than other industries. The root for this is found in the court’s unwillingness to change the principles and procedures that it is accustomed to. This is actually a necessity because of the need of certainty in laws and legal positions in our society; everyone needs to know their rights and duties and uphold them.

It is why legal principles existed for centuries and can be dated back to the early days of civilisation. The principles of fairness are the same no matter where in the world. What differs is the details and procedures. It is why such details and procedures have been established the way they are, and while admittedly rigid and old, they serve a purpose. That is to provide clarity and certainty to all members of society to uphold such rules and laws, which are based on the universal principles of fairness, equality and justice. This is why respect, deterrence and sometimes fear is required to safeguard the system.

Law is the moral minimum – lowest ethical standard – Unethical actions are not always illegal, but illegal actions are almost always unethical.

Although we understand the necessity of such measures, we are strong believers of the innovation and adaptation of new technologies to support our cause. We aim to provide ease of access of information to develop and advance the legal system, and to speed the infamously slow process of delivering that which is just. “Justice delayed is justice denied.

We at Sahwan Law are one of the early adopters of an innovative cloud-based solution that ties us with our clients in real-time. We provide them with necessary information and updates at a click of a button.

Due to this, we had adopted a minimum paper policy with an ability to switch to paperless. This leaves the rest of the legal system catching up to us. It is why only the absolute necessary is printed. Every paper is scanned and properly archived in our cloud (which is further backed up for precautionary measures).

This adaptation of the latest technology provides us with an edge in the field. It allows us to advance our effectiveness and efficiency in providing the most accurate and informative advice, whenever it is required and wherever we may be.